"I find the VR easy to work with, and my newsletters are well-received by my customers. I can easily change the look and feel, and my 'call-to-action' approach creates sales right away."

Easy To Use

"We are very happy with our VR program. The simplicity makes it easy to keep our supporters current, while the powerful communication helps us manage our Foundation's connections."

It's Simple. It's Current. It's Powerful.

"YAY! I knew you guys would come up with something. You always pull through in a time of need! Thank you for all of your help."

The VR Pulls Through In Times Of Need

"Just wanted to let Steve and all of you know that I enjoy getting your informative (VR) newsletter. I know this is probably a shocking revelation from another rep, but I usually learn something from it. Thanks, again."

Shocking Revelation

"I am constantly looking for new and exciting, cutting edge products from my manufacturers to give my proposals a 'leg up' on my competition. This very simple idea of getting the word out as soon as it "comes down" (via The VR) has been crucial, I believe, in helping me to get my customers the systems they envision and our company the work. Thank you...and please keep (The VR) coming."

Exciting, Cutting-Edge Info

"I just wanted to write to you guys to let you know that I really enjoy your weekly news articles. The information attained through the readings has greatly enhanced my knowledge and my love for ALL Yamaha products. 

Since I am one of the few in my department to receive these articles, I make sure to print them out weekly and share them with my team. This allows the rest of my co-workers to benefit from the information and become more confident when recommending and selling Yamaha products."

I Print Them Out Weekly And Share With My Team