The Virtual Representative® features

Use The VR's features to your advantage! Get your newsletters - and your message - out more quickly, more efficiently, and more easily. 


Easy-to-use… You can type copy directly into the system or upload from your browser. Type directly – or Drag and Drop.

Composing the content and publishing it into your Virtual Representative is easy. You can either type copy directly into the Virtual Representative's RichText editor, or you can drag-and-drop from another source.

Your articles and their accompanying images are securely stored on The VR's server, so you have guaranteed access whenever you need it.

Content Sharing.

Get Great Content…The VR team can help you access content from other sources and lighten your workload.

Virtual Representative makes it easy for organizations in the same industry or with similar interests to share articles. Virtual Representative Publishers from across the globe can access all of the voluntarily-shared articles in the database and add them to their newsletters. This sharing option allows for better communication across industries and is a great way for territorial organizations, like manufacturer's representatives, to help each other out.

Custom Design.

With Auto-Sizing, Layout Guidance Copy-Wrap and more, your newsletters will look sharp and highly engaging.

The layout is perfect for today's high-speed life-style. No one wants to pore through another lengthy document or e-mail. VR is clean and organized, giving your newsletter a polished look. The custom layout has been designed to be inviting and easy to read. The simple design communicates efficiently and makes it effortless for you to create good-looking customized newsletters.


Our experience helps you succeed…VR experts are available.
Call us Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST, or e-mail us anytime.

The Virtual Representative staff is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST to support you by phone (703) 454-9965 or by email (info@thevrep.com).

After sign-up, our detailed User's Manual will be available to help you with maintaining your subscriber database, composing articles and publishing. 

Coming Soon: Our website Resource pages of FAQ and Tutorials.

Writing Assistance.

Got writer’s block? No worries, We employ a creative approach to generating content, targeting your customers.

Use The VR's Writer's Coach option (see Pricing page), or just contact us to get going on your thought process for an article. Use us as your sounding board!

HTML Editor.

The VR engine includes our great built-in HTML editor!

You can cut-and-paste directly from Microsoft Word into our system, and the formatting fonts, colors, sizings, etc., remain the same. No need to take time to restructure the text!

You can also compose easily in the HTML Editor. The system includes spell-check and many other helpful features.

OR, if you'd like to take the application further, you can do your own HTML coding! 


We can help you tailor your customer email list in two big ways: Each of your customers can receive articles from you in your newsletters that are only relevant to them, AND we can help you put your mailing list into The VR!

We would like to help you think through what your topics/lines might be. (Having this info at your fingertips also helps when sitting down to write your articles.) These lines are different for each of our VR's subscribers - because each of their businesses are different.

AND we can help you put your mailing list into The VR. Give us a call!

So, at your customer's sign-up, you can select the topics or lines that you want them to see in their own customized newsletter. Only a few simple mouse clicks needed here...and The VR will do the rest - including making each newsletter version look clean and organized. Voila!

Virtual Representative makes your firm look more professional and knowledgeable, and it helps you communicate like a pro!

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