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Why the Virtual Representative®?

The Virtual Representative is much more than just another e-Newsletter.

The VR is constructed with unique features and functions and is totally geared to equip you to be the driving force with your message.

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The Company

The stroke of genius behind Virtual Representative occurred while manufacturer’s representative Steve Zaboji was logging long hours of "windshield time." Steve found that his time was being eaten up with territory travel and less was spent on meaningful sales communications. But his manufacturers were introducing newer, more exciting products at an ever-increasing pace.

Steve longed for a way to easily "push" information to his dealers with valuable product features and their benefits to his dealers. Then it hit him! He could cover his entire territory with a "click" of a mouse. An electronic newsletter could be set up to easily accept pictures and copy, and with a "1-click-connection," the system could access additional links or websites for added info. He could push info out to his dealers on a regular basis, and it would be leveraging the power of the Net at its best.

Steve liked the idea so much that he assembled an experienced team to construct exactly that, and Virtual Representative was born. Once his dealers got into the habit of looking to his virtual newsletter for the latest sales tips and product info, sales grew and expenses decreased.

Here are some trends that Steve found in his business, leading to Virtual Representative becoming the perfect solution to his problems. Which of these factors do you find in your business?

  • Profit squeeze. Your cost of business keeps rising, yet new competition and the fear of losing business prevents you from raising your prices.
  • Increased client expectations. Your vendors AND your customers both expect more, maybe even questioning your value. To survive, you need to add value to build loyalty and to strengthen your relationships.
  • There's no time for extended learning curves. Business is changing fast, and the stakes are too high to use anything other than what works - proven tools that can be quickly and easily put into regular use.

For Steve's company to survive in the competitive and fast-moving consumer electronics field, his team had to go outside of the box to find a way to become more relevant and necessary while decreasing expenses and increasing communication power. And then Virtual Representative hit the nail on the head - delivering valuable benefits to the manufacturers they represented and to the retailers they served.

Virtual Representative is a highly-targeted marketing communications system that efficiently enables you to deliver timely, relevant information – to drive sales – without doing all the driving.

Here are some of the ways The VR helps Steve's dealers, large and small:

  • More immediate sales, thanks to quicker information
  • Greater future sales through better planning
  • Faster turns leading to more turns
  • More immediate training = better sales
  • Faster roll-out of new products

Virtual Representative can transform your business like it transformed Steve's. It can lead your company into healthy, profitable, new directions without jeopardizing what in your business already works! 

Our Team

The Virtual Representative team has built the system from the ground up, and team members are available to walk you through the process. Virtual Representative is straightforward to put in place. Once you have your newsletter format in place, The VR can deliver immediate benefits to you and to your business relationships.

Steven Zaboji

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Balaton Marketing, a premier independent sales representative firm. Consumer Electronics industry veteran for over 45 years, member of CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association), past president and board director of IPRO (Independent Professional Representatives Organization), licensed pilot, FAA-Certified Flight Instructor, published author and speaker in both the Consumer Electronics and Aviation industries.

Bence Boelcskevy

Bence D Boelcskevy, PhD

Over 30 years IT experience with user-oriented applications in the fields of consumer, prosumer and automotive electronics, medical education, medical devices, and pharmaceutical development. Regular presenter at conferences on a variety of topics: role of technology to drive business, project management, and IT in the pharmaceutical development process. Also a published author in the automotive, electronics and medical research fields.
Most recent other assignments: Deputy Director, The Drug Development Institute, and Director, The Medical Device Initiative, Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Ohio State University. Received MS and PhD in Physiology from The Ohio State University

Roger C. Parker

Offers writing advice and suggestions to Virtual Representative editors. Was directly involved with audio/video marketing with leading retailers and manufacturers for over 25 years. His "Alternatives to Price Competition" column ran for over 10 years in various consumer electronics trade publications. His blog, found on his 'Published & Profitable' site, is considered one of the Top 100 Blogs to Improve Your Writing in 2010.